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    Impressions de luxe sur papier beaux-arts, numérotées et signées. Tirages limités imprimés... 

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    Pins de luxe en métal émaillé doré. 


    Le design « Sovereignty » est chargé de symbolisme ésotérique: le cercle au Centre,... 

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Home to the Dark Feminine

What is "Dark Feminine" energy?

It is the energy of Passion, Seduction, Chaos before Creation, Creation, Authenticity, Sovereignty, Ferocity, Bravery, Attraction, Alchemy, Transformation!

Our products are lucky charm talismans that convey these magnetic energies and affirm the power of your Dark Feminine Energy, all in vintage & rock'n'roll chic mode 🔥

"Embracing your shadows makes you authentic, and authenticity is MAGNETIC"

Maly Siri

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