We celebrate empowering erotic art

to reveal your divine badass side!

Femporium is Playboy pin-up artist Maly Siri’s brand, selling prints and postcards of her best vintage inspired pin-up and erotism illustrations, but not only!

She also creates new designs with her partner in crime Laure Mo for pins, patches and stickers. Designs that resonate with the couple’s values and inspirations: empowering feminism, LGBTQ2IA+ inclusivity, body positivity, dark feminine energy spirituality, fetish Dominatrix and rock n’roll badassery!

You will love wearing these high quality products as statement brooches for your Divine higher self or good luck talismans!
They designed each product with Love and blessed them with good vibes ✨

This is just the beginning... Maly Siri & Laure Mo have tons of ideas for the next steps of Femporium! Textile products, tote bags, home decoration items: soon the product range will expand, stay tuned!