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Signed print "I Am a Goddess"

Signed print "I Am a Goddess"

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I am a Goddess ”, color print of an Illustration by Maly Siri, vibrant with esoteric symbolism about the empowered Divine Feminine: creativity, gestation of projects, care, seduction, sexuality… An affirmation of the polarity of the Divine Feminine in itself : when we dare to speak our Truth, this is when our words become magnetic instruments to manifest what is aligned with our heart. Our true desires. The kundalini serpents appear in the drawing, awakening consciousness via the 3rd eye, seat of intuition.

Digital drawing reproduced in luxury print on matte paper, signed by Maly Siri. Also available as an embroidered patch !

Size 11in x 14in (28cm x 35cm)

Limited edition of 50 copies

Keep Please note that actual item colors may vary depending on your monitor.

♻️ We pay attention to our impact on the environment, which is why we have carefully chosen to use plant-based, Canadian-made, certified compostable bio-plastic protective packaging. ♻️

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